Pricing and Ordering

CourseVision provides you with a very cost effective means of managing your golf course asset. Remember, CourseVision will save you thousands over typical GPS surveying costs and hundreds of hours in your staff’s time for environmental certification efforts.

If you are ready to order CourseVision, we need to collect a little information about you and your course.


It's really quite simple; select the check box below and press the order now button to get started. In a matter of weeks (and 30 minutes of your time in a course review) we will deliver your version of CourseVision. Once you have the base package, you can always add layers (irrigation, contours, parcels, etc.) or order wall maps and map books of your property.


CourseVision including:

  • A high resolution aerial photo of your property
  • Up to 18 holes and practice facilities
  • Custom map of the entire property
  • Property inventory with measurement data
  • Tabular inventory recap suitable for printing
  • Built-in measurement and communication tools
  • Completed Audubon Site Assessment
  • All delivered in simple to use PDF files
  • A complete Property Inventory in Excel
  • An Excel-based Course Calculator

Optional printed package including:

  • A 48" x 36" color aerial wall map with lamination
  • Size may vary based on the property's shape
  • Two sets of summary statistics sheets
  • Printed on 18' x 12" laminated card stock


  1. If your course has more than 18 holes and tell us more about your facility so we can send you a quote.
  2. To order the Mobile CourseVision version of our product and we will contact you directly.