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Features of Mobile CourseVision

What is Mobile CourseVision?

Mobile CourseVision enables you to take the power of your CourseVision map out from behind your desk and onto the course.  The magic of this optional mobile map begins when we move your current CourseVision map to “the cloud”.  These aren’t storm clouds (although with the drought it would be nice) these are computer clouds that make your map accessible anywhere from your iPad, Android device, iPhone, Windows phone or web browser. 


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Your Complete On-Course Companion

Never has one finger been so powerful! A simple tap on the map reveals all the measurement data (sq. footage, acres, perimeter & GPS position) on that feature.  Remember this data is not limited to just turf but every part of your property (native landscapes, water bodies, paved, etc.). Need to measure a subset of the 10th rough to sod?  Just tap the measure button and walk the area for square footage on the fly!


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Don’t Leave Your Layers Behind

While you are on the go with Mobile CourseVision, you can continue to utilize all the layers of data you’ve accumulated about your property.  Irrigation as-builts, tree inventories, contours/elevation levels, renovation plans, HOA areas and parcel data are all right at your fingertips.  Additionally, the app provides 12 new base map layers that you can use as a reference below your CourseVision mapping. 


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Location, Location, Location

Combine your mobile device’s ability to spot your location with a mobile map and you have a new way of managing your property.  You can mark dry spots, leave yourself a reminder, locate that valve cover box, note an area that needs crew attention, or calculate a spot application all from the comfort of your cart.  Premium users of Mobile CourseVision can even edit, update and amend their base mapping files to track their evolving property.


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What Do I Need?

Mobile CourseVision stores your map in a cloud so your mobile device will need a Wi-Fi, 3g or 4g data connection.  The base app is available for iOS 3.1.2 and above for Apple devices, Windows Phone OS version 7.0 or above and Android version 2.2 or above.  (The app will not run on an Android emulator.) Getting the app takes a few minutes and is a painlessly simple process.


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