Outreach and Education

Audubon International’s “outreach and education” component of the ACSP program, requires golf course personnel to build support for their environmental program through a variety of communication, education, and outreach activities.  Unfortunately, many of these certification efforts exist only in binders on a Superintendent’s shelf after years of effort.

To help achieve the outreach component of certification and let you get the recognition you deserve for all your efforts on the property, CourseVision created EcoTours. 

An EcoTour is an interactive fly-thru of your golf property that enables you to visually communicate with your membership and/or the public.  These EcoTours are web-based and can be accessed right from your course’s website.  Select a link below to take an EcoTour test drive and see how you can share your efforts:



Share your environmental efforts with the public.



Keep your member’s up-to-date on a bunker renovation project.



Fly to a few of our customers and see what they think of CourseVision.


Here’s a few tips to make your flight more enjoyable:
  • Your browser will ask you to allow the loading of a small plug-in produced by Google™.
  • Some corporate firewalls may try not allow you to download the plug-in, but if prompted at the top of your browser allow the ActiveX control to be loaded.
  • If a portion of the stop is off screen - go to View, Zoom, 100% on your browser menu.
  • Have fun and if you have comments let us know at