Audubon International Certification

The journey to certification of your property as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary is a rewarding - yet lengthy - expedition that typically takes 1 to 3 years to complete. 

We believe that those who embark on this certification effort using CourseVision are similar to those taking a trip traveling by air rather than ground.  You will arrive at your destination much faster, with much less effort and much better results. 

Without ever touching a wheel, digging through coffee-stained as-builts or searching for construction blueprints, here’s what CourseVision customers receive in PDF format automatically for their certification effort:

  1. A completed Section #5 of the ACSP “Planning - Site Assessment & Environmental Plan” including:
    • “Turf Surfaces” (turf type, mow heights & acreage)
    • “Gardens" (count by type of garden & acreage)
    • “Natural Plants” (total acreage by type)
    • “Pond and Lakes” (count by type, % shoreline natural/turf & total acreage by type)
    • “Other Surfaces” (total acreage)
  2. A completed property map as required in the ACSP documentation including:
    • The layout of the golf course with holes labels.
    • The location of natural plant communities.
    • The location of water bodies, wetlands & streams.
    • Your designated “no spray” and “low intensity management” zones.