A Complete Property Inventory

You can’t enhance your property’s existing natural habitats and landscaping unless you know what makes up your property. CourseVision automatically creates a complete inventory of your entire property without you and your staff spending countless hours.  This inventory becomes the foundation of your Audubon certification efforts and will be used in both graphical and numeric form throughout the process. 

How can we create an inventory without costly on-site visits to your property?  Here are the steps CourseVision takes to create your environmental inventory:

  • An ortho-rectified (that’s geek-speak for ground accurate) aerial image of your property is acquired.
  • Every part of your property is digitized using proprietary software.
  • All of the data from this digitization is placed in a database of property features and the inventory is born!
  • A custom digital map is created of your entire property.
  • The inventory information is summarized in a spreadsheet format for easy access off the computer.
  • The results of this process is placed in a PDF for easy viewing, sharing, laminating and printing.

To see the results of this process and to get a feel for just what we mean when we say property inventory watch this video.